S1E5 - P23α - There is Satisfaction to be Gained

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1 year ago
Speaker A:

There is, unfortunately, no escaping physics. Bound by the speed of light, even information must take its time to get birth going. And as we move farther into the void, that time grows until the distance becomes unspeakable.

Speaker B:

Begin transmission. Mission clock subjective T plus one day 5 hours 13 minutes 57 seconds. Baseline response there is satisfaction to be gained from adding new data points to a record. The first duty of a shipboard AI is to the crew. It could get the railroad for these workers and it could get for it is were estimated drift coefficient less than zero zero one ID pigeoner two three primary mission update there have been no significant updates to mission status outside of establishment of the autonomous probe investigation into the Psr B 1257 plus one two one alpha transmission. The crew celebrated the successful launch and reception of Pgineer two three beta subwork's first transmission during the end of day post meal break with smoothies made by Science officer O who also contributed ingredients from the hydroponics lab. Concerns had been raised regarding compatibility of flash printed models with the semicentral transparent portal link dynamic network given recent possibly ageinduced anomalous functioning in the sctpldnai, however, transmission from the probe was received within expected arrival times at T plus zero days, 12 hours 14 minutes 43 seconds. No deterioration in message content was detected. Request for verbal baselining protocol has been approved. Communications officer Wynn is, quote cautiously optimistic about future relays from pigeonier two three beta subfork and will continue to monitor transmission quality as the requalii proceeds along its trajectory towards M 87. Routine imaging of M 80 seven's relativistic jet show a small but significant increase in activity around the nucleus across wavelengths. It is unclear at this time if it is simply a higher than standard peak in the flux incrementation or if it is the beginnings of an outburst as seen between Ce 2003 and 2007. Thus far, no patterns have been detected in the emitted radio waves beyond those produced via slight changes in nuclear activity and the resulting expected fluid dynamics. Baseline prompt please respond briefly to each of the following questions or statements is the unknown a frightening prospect or an exciting one? To whom does a ship board a eye? First report? Much madness is divinist sense to a discerning eye. End of Transmission.

Speaker C:

Unspeakable Distance is an actual play. Podcast of Communication Delay by Audio Quinn a link to the game's Itch IO page and credits for our players are available in the show. Notes linked to this episode. This podcast has been a production of the Library of Curse Knowledge podcast Network.

Unspeakable distance is an Actual Play podcast of Communication Delay by Audioquinn

Today's episode was written and performed by Ari Delyne

This podcast is production of the Library of Cursed Knowledge Podcast network. You can find us on twitter or on our discord.