S1E3 - First Engagement

1 year ago
Speaker A:

There is, unfortunately, no escaping physics bound by the speed of light. Even information must take. It's time to get birth going. And as we move farther into the void, that time grows until the distance becomes unspeakable.

Speaker B:

Hey, Ma. Just calling in to give you another update. I tried to get to this as soon as I could after I got your last message, but you know how it is. There's always somebody else on the Pldn terminal or I get interrupted on the way there by somebody with bars on their uniform, or I just plain forget after spending 6 hours firing an Azimov light cannon at an animal four stories tall and made out of radon diamonds. Sorry. I know it's been too long. It's hard. It was getting better. For a while there, I felt more competent, like I was a better shot. I'm working better with my squad, and it seemed like my superior officers were starting to appreciate what I'm good at and let other people help me with what I'm not and less. Hey, Private Francisco, clean out these toilets. And Wu and a Seven and Hakeem are all still here. And we're doing pretty well out there. Actually, Hakeem and I things are going real well with Hakeem. Maybe that'll go somewhere, maybe it won't. Hopefully it does. I like him anyway. Yeah, other than that. Well, okay. So a couple of days ago, we had our first engagement with other people. Not pushing back weird alien animals or megafauna or doing rescue operations for natural disasters, but fighting people. Rebels. I know. They're just throwing their lives away for nothing. Fighting like they are, it's never going to result in anything useful. Like you always said, Ma, violence didn't solve problems. Not the kind they're trying to solve, anyway. Leave it to the politicians and the scientists and the rich people. They're the only ones that can really make a difference anyway, right? But still I know they're just fighting for what they believe in. Even if I think it's stupid, that doesn't mean I want them dead. I just I don't like killing people. Even when they're lobbing neglay munitions at me. I I wish I didn't have to do this. I wish there was something I was good at. Just something else I could have done. But there wasn't and there isn't. Just this. Nothing else to do back home. No way to go anywhere else without putting on the blue and silver. Maybe one day it'll be different, but probably not. Hey, maybe you'll win the lottery. We can buy out the rest of my time and move someplace nice. Someplace green with real sunlight. Venus, maybe? Or I o. Probably not. But hey, it's nice to dream. I love you, Ma. The tour is almost a third way done. I'll be back home doing a shit job cleaning my dishes soon enough. Give Louis critch between the ears for me, would you? I'll see you soon. Bye.

Speaker C:

Unspeakable Distance is an actual play. Podcast of Communication Delay by Audio Quinn a link to the game's itch IO page and credits for our play are available in the show. Notes linked to this episode. This podcast has been a production of the Library of Cursed Knowledge podcast network.

Unspeakable distance is an Actual Play podcast of Communication Delay by Audioquinn

Today's episode was written and performed by Quill Turner

This podcast is production of the Library of Cursed Knowledge Podcast network. You can find us on twitter or on our discord.